-Alistair and Merrill-

Merrill: Why didn’t you tell us you are a king, Alistair?

Alistair: I’m not a king, Merrill. I’m the bastard heir that would rather not become the king.

Merrill: Why don’t you want to be king? You could live in a big palace!

Alistair: Knowing my luck, I’d be the…

da dao da2 merill alistair 
alistair m da dao 


DA - Rogue Defense by aimo


I made this 3+ years ago, and I still laugh at how ridic it is. And if you know what anime this parodies, salute!

da dao alistair 
comic da dao alistair morrigan 


There’s a limit to how dense you can be

the truth alistair da dao 
FUZZY cute insect bee 



Dragon Age: Origins’ Alistair & Warden Cousland

SWTOR’s Vector Hyllus & Imperial Agent

SWTOR’s Kaliyo Djannis

Dragon Age 2’s Sebastian and Hawke

Commission info

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Dragon Age - The Future Paths of Alistair: Floral Edition

Originals are available at my Artfire Store:

Warden - King - Departed

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DA - Too Big for Orzammar by aimo


Oh, Al walked into that one alright, heh heh

Just saw this oldie and got all nostalgic about them cheeky art I used to do far more often than nowadays.

alistair alistair theirin da dao 


This is the worst funeral I’ve ever been to.


omfg her face